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Manage your commercial, curb side, and toilet routes from the cloud

Managing a small and growing trash or toilet company is difficult. Spread sheets don't work and other commercially available solutions are expensive and clunky.

Building on our decades experience managing rolloff companies, Cairn Applications Inc now offers Route Tracker to handle commercial trash, residential curbside and portable toilet operations.

Route Tracker uses the power of the cloud to deliver a simple yet powerful solutions to trash haulers looking for a competitive edge.

How it Works

The order taker sets up the customer record with a job site and a stop. Each customer can have many job sites and each job site can have many stops each with its own commodity. Each stop has it's own service schedule ie weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc.

Stops are dragged on to a route and the system generates assignable work orders based on the stop's service schedule. As drivers execute their assigned stops, the dispatcher monitors the progress of each driver and the whole day.

A billing contract is created when you set up the customer and a delivery type work order is created to deliver the assets. Each billing cycle an invoice is generated for your review.

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